Thursday, July 19, 2012

The First Trip to France

If I were allowed to keep only 1 journal, I think it would be the one from my first trip to France: Paris & Provence, 2003. 
I made this trip many years after I first experienced, in my youth, the longing to go to Paris. As they say, "life happened" inbetween.  
My French classes  at The Language Exchange, beginning in 2002, had been the spark that re-ignited the dream.
I have few words at the moment to describe the magnificence of this trip, but it's OK. I have the journal...
I'm glad to share a little bit of it here in this way. And I love the blogs I read here of the trips & homeplaces of others.


  1. Quel talent
    Je tiens moi aussi des carnets mais hélas ils ne sont pas aussi bien illustrés
    Je vous envie votre talent
    Bonne journée

  2. What a treasure this journal is! The wonder and beauty of your experience in Paris shines through!

  3. Piękny dziennik = beautiful journal. I like your handwriting too.

  4. I can not believe how beautiful this journal is !! congratulations

  5. Your journal is enviable... the watercolors, the sketches, the writing. On my last few trips to Paris I have been remiss about keeping up with my journal. I have the photographs, but my journal entries tend to tell the stories, the details about the child on the metro or an exchange with a kind vendor in a street market. You have inspired me to return to my old habits, to sketch the railings of the staircases in the Louvre, the pattern in the tiles at Galerie Vivienne, and the frock worn by a child in Monceau. Merci, mon amie.


  6. Rita, l'assemblage photos aquarelles est une idée merveilleuse. Elles se complètent, se contrastent et sont un plaisir à l'oeil. Quand on découvre ta première aquarelle, on sait immédiatement que c'est une rue dans le sud de la France. Ta peinture a saisi le caractère provençal de ces endroits. Et bien sûr, la photo de la fontaine de Beaubourg n'est pas nécessaire pour deviner que ton aquarelle représente une rue à Paris, mais on comprend que tu as trouvé amusant de mettre les deux images côte à côte - au cas où? - et on partage ton amusement!

    Putting together photos and watercolors is a wonderful idea. They complement one another, offer a contrast and are a pleasure to the eye. Upon discovering your first watercolor, it is evident that street is located in Southern France. Your painting conveys the Provençal character of these places. And of course, we do not need the photo of the Beaubourg fountain to understand this watercolor of yours is depicting a street in Paris, but we understand you found it amusing to put the two pictures side by side - just in case? - and we share your amusement.

  7. I want those pages so badly. Please!


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