Tuesday, August 20, 2013


During breakfast, there was a repetitive chorus of chip-chip-chip-chip-chip out the front door.
There, again, was my new neighbor, on his favorite rock.
He was distressed about something or someone in the shrubbery below. Chip-chip-chip-chip-chip! 
So I took photos & made an observational style sketch, rather than quick, gestural sketches.

Chippy fears us not, in fact I'm guessing the previous person here used to feed him. 
Oh, about his name... Original, no? Poor guy, one of a million Chippy's in the U.S.
 As far as animal stories & drawings, do you remember E. H. Shepard's drawings in
Grahame's ORIGINAL Wind in the Willows? The Best!
Or his drawings in the ORIGINAL Winnie-the Pooh
Charming, enchanting, also the Best! 
(Forget the subsequent versions!)
How about Garth Williams' loveable characters in the ORIGINAL Charlotte's Web?
Yes, the Best, & no one else has come close! 
Were you wondering if I would finally mention Beatrix Potter? She did serious observational studies of
real animals as a foundation for her characters.

There are a gazillion other loveable animal characters in contemporary children's books.
Do you have any favorites?
(Just don't mention the Disney Pooh, OK?)


  1. oh, i love your sweet chippy! adorable! we don't see them here.

  2. I only know B. Potter from your list, but I know her very well: I collect her books and figurines!
    Your drawing is absolutely LOVELY! But you had a really cute model! :o)

  3. Your favorites are mine, too, Rita. I love the Chippy painting.

  4. Ya, they're cute alright. Just as long as they are not invading my garden. If so, it might be time for...

  5. I think your picks of artists is right on. ... and your little chippy is sweet.

    I know a wonderful creator of delightful animals for children ..... www.litajudge.com


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