Friday, August 9, 2013

Fire Hydrants in a Coastal Village

As you as you go around exploring,
or doing daily chores, 
you keep seeing them, like friendly little people. 
They call to you,
reminding you that public safety & protection
is part of this healthy town. 
And being so bright & shiny, they seem to tell you
that this is a happy town as well.


  1. Rita, leave it to you to render such a sweet looking fire hydrant!

  2. We have not such things around here, but when I see them during travels, I also see than as small funny friendly creatures;You show it very well.
    Hey,great to discover your picture! :o) Hello!

  3. Dogs must love this painting. GRIN.

  4. Rita -- Now I will be checking out fire hydrants as I go about my business. I have noticed a few different kinds -- now I'll be checking out their smiles. good post ~~ barbara

  5. This really is a happy sketch! It's so fun to see how something thought to be so ordinary like a fire hydrant can make such a happy sketch. And it's really quite beautiful.


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