Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boston, Cambridge & Robins

Back from the big city. And a flock of Robins is back from somewhere, outside the 2nd floor window! There must be 20 or so, flying from tree to tree & to the ground, & a group was sunning itself in my tree.
We took the train to Boston...and back...North Station.
A view from another window, our hotel at  Kendall Square & Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. We were on the 21st floor, looking across the Charles River! Was it a bit of the luck of the Irish before the annual, Huge Saint Patrick's Day celebration that got us this room?
The Museum of Science: "Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture." (& history, economics, ecology, anthropology, biology, geography...) Kids running around, me taking notes...
 Some beautiful displays including old fashioned large scale dioramas, plus models, films & interactive technology.
Besides Harvard Square with its international college population & foreign language book store, the MIT Museum was a high point with articifical intelligence (Robots!) & mobile machine sculptures by Arthur Ganson. (Click here for more.)

Maybe someday there will only be Robin Robots (created by brilliant minds at MIT), but for today, back here at home, I'm glad to see the old fashioned kind...


  1. What a great post! love the way you captured those robins. Enjoy your sketchbook as they are always charming. Welcome home!

  2. sounds like you soaked in a lot! but i'd be happy to return home to a tree full of robins, myself. :)

  3. Rita -- What a trip! You must have collected lots of material that I am hoping you will be sharing with us. Your sketch books seemed full on your post. I am in such a travel spirit --- hopefully I will be taking in a photo trip in April or May through Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Doing a bit of research on back-roads through those areas -- I always find the best photo subjects on back-roads. Your robins are probably all males -- they seem to flood in on the first round of robins -- I guess they all need to spiff up before the ladies arrive.-- barbara

  4. I would love to be able to sketch my outings like you..So much personality!
    And I love the Red Red Robins:)
    I have a tune in my head now:)

  5. You brightened my day , love the sketch with all the robins in the tree. I too have that song in my head.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Your robins look like a living bouquet !
    Recently , I was visiting a museum with a notebook and and a pen to take notes , and a gardien told me it was forbidden to have anything in hand while visiting!! Luckily, you don't seem to have this problem!
    Have a nice day, my dear friend! Bisous!

    1. Yes, I've been in museums that wouldn't let me use pens, & definitely not paints. But some larger museums do allow ink, I was so upset the first time I was told I couldn't use my pen because it is my tool that helps me to take in what I'm seeing. But I've never been in a museum that didn't allow anything!

  7. Oh, I hope we will never see Robin Robots. Robots are useful for some things, but they can never replace nature or another human being - they have no soul and empathy.

  8. You take in SO much -- and record it and then share it -- thank you! xx

  9. Forget the robots. I'll wait out the real things. Boppin here soon... I hope.

  10. Your illustrated journals should be published! You so carefully note your observations in word and drawing. I feel I have been with you.

  11. 1st time I come here, I think: I LOVE your drawings, very very cute, and so natural !!!
    Have a good Sunday !

  12. Witam i przepraszam, że dopiero dzisiaj jestem. Moja kondycja w trakcie przeziębienia znacznie opadała. Sporo porobiłaś szkiców w trakcie podróży. Jest jeden, który mnie zachwycił. Są to rudziki na drzewie. Są to moje ulubione ptaszki :))). Dziękuję, że piszesz po polsku . Nie przejmuj się błędami, bo ich prawie nie ma. Mam nadzieję, że sprawia Ci to przyjemność. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  13. Nice to return to a bit of nature after your time in the city. I saw just such a flock of robins last year in California. It's exciting to have so much spring-harbinger all at once!

  14. The sight of that flock of Robins must have been exhilarating, harbingers of spring! :-)

    I sure hope mankind gets its act together and works to keep the real Robins alive and thriving for future generations.


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