Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
(the little rainbow is real, from my window prism) 
I've heard it's more of a holiday in America than in Ireland? 
I like the "May the...May you..." blessings that come from 
the Irish culture. Click on the image to read some.
 About that paintbox or palette: This is my latest. I bought it empty & filled it with my Winsor Newton paints from tubes. My limited palette is when I choose 3 to 6 of these colors. 


  1. Ah soooo, you make your own paint box.

  2. For you Rita... ''May the luck of the Irish, come YOUR way '' and '' May the sun shine on YOU ''
    Who could not smile after seeing your happy little chappie. I love it . Thanks for showing your palette, I think it was Monique who asked you what it was, I was hoping you would show it.

  3. Almost looks like you..that joyful look...
    The box rings a bell..
    I think my tubes are way too old..they dried up like prunes when I attempted this..
    The box is perfect..
    Can you fill mine?

    Kidding..but it does look great.

  4. May inspiration be with you! always..

  5. Witam :). Twój śliczny Patryk jest bardzo wesoły, cieszy się ze swojego Święta. Twój komentarz u mnie był w tej samej chwili, co mój nowy post. Jestem już zdrowa. Resztę przeczytasz u mnie i mam nadzieję, że zrozumiesz. Pozdrawiam moja kochana koleżanko :)

  6. Love the jaunty fellow and love seeing the filled paintbox . . . ! xx

  7. I wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to work with paints. Such talent you have. I bet you have been attracted to art since you were young as I think any art takes time to learn how to work within it. Always enjoy your sketches especially the St Pat guy. -- barbara


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