Friday, March 14, 2014

New Snow

Snow ALL day yesterday, which gave me permission to do lots of indoor filing & organizing (yes, I went away from the "art door", see previous post, thanks for sharing your experiences with that, really helpful.) 

The view out the window at 7AM this morning was startling. At first glance it seemed all white, but upon slower observation: so much color! Morning light & shadows change so quickly, I LOVE their drama. 

I've been avoiding observing the outdoors, kind of fighting with the reality of winter cold & dirty snow. But I'm accepting this March snow, even though it isn't considered "right". After all, Calendar Spring is supposed to arrive soon. There may be snow but still, the birds are singing.

Something new: Keeping a paintbox & sketchbook in the living room. Handy. You never know when you're hit with a flash, a sudden need to observe something. Have to act fast. Those of you with cameras know what that's like...

Something else: My new "Luma Bleed-Proof White Opaque Watercolor". Cool. Can even "erase" with it. Opaque watercolor (gouache) & oils or acrylics: A different energy than with watercolors. They're on my To Explore Further List.

Something else new: I have a new ritual, a "Word of the Day" that I sort of listen for as I wake. (I'm borrowing this from Library Jewel.) Today it was "Learn" because I need to study French & go to a class. But I'm adding in "New". March, is a great time for opening to the New. Sort of simple, but I like the way it helps me focus.


  1. You are right..March on the verge of new:)
    Snowstorm here too..
    You captured it perfectly..
    Will look into Luma..
    Even your brush looks cute to me..
    Bon apprentissage !

  2. Your drawing is so beautiful and makes me feel like I was there! And I'd like it so much! Some of your snow and I send some of my sunrays?.. :o)
    I like the idea of a word a day.
    I have plenty of energy those days, decluttering, throwing away..needing air and space and breath !
    I hope spring will reach you soon!

  3. Exquisite drawing! The light is so different from deep winter's, warmer, a tint of hope.

    Some years ago, I found one of Emily Dickinson's poems to express my feelings about March exactly : ;-)

    Here's to hope for spring to arrive on your shore any moment now,

  4. U nas wiosna w pełni wiosna, kwitną kwiatki, drzewa mają pąki, ale jutro ma śnieg o to mi się nie podoba :(. Nie wiem czy będę potrafiła tak jak Ty, znaleźć mimo wszystko kolory za oknami. Szkic Twój jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam moja amerykańska przyjaciółko.

  5. I think you've captured the morning light reflecting off the snow so beautifully!

  6. I love the idea of a word of the day! I've done a word of the year before, but I guess my attention span isn't long enough for that, as I always find myself forgetting about it. I think I could remember it for a day :) Love the sketch, too. What beautiful colors in your snowy scene.

    I've been trying to make sketching more convenient so I will do it more often--perhaps I need to stash sketchbooks and art supplies all over the house! Or at least make them more easily gotten at than they are now. Good way to use the multiple sketchbooks and palettes I seem to have collected, too.

  7. Love the drawing - love the colors you find in winter/snow scenes. And happy to hear about the white opaque -- I like to explore, too. xx

  8. Seriously Rita, such a gorgeous rendering in your sketchbook. I love the feel of it. I look forward to your posts more than any other. Any thoughts on me procuring one of your watercolors?

  9. A u nas, like the polish proverb says "w marcu jak w garncu". Raz deszcz, raz słońce. Świetny szkic, uwielbiam twoją kreskę, jest taka elegancko niedbała:) I'm doing right now the (free) Strathmore online workshop, it motivate me to draw every day. Hugs!

  10. I hear a lot of "new" in your words -- I think the thoughts of spring right around the corner gets folks in that "new" mode -- perhaps you too. good post -- barbara


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