Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coastal Maine Art Workshop

I just finished 2 days in a watercolor class right in my own town! Folks have come to this 5 day class (I only took it for 2) from California, New York, New Jersey Iowa, Louisiana, & elsewhere, to learn in person from Tony Van Hasselt, a teacher they knew from his technique books! Coastal Maine has so many workshops like this with visiting artists! This one was sponsored by Coastal Maine Art Workshops. What a great way to follow one's passion while vacationing. Tonight they all went to the lobster pound down the road in Lincolnville. 
After a talk in the studio, Tony gave a demonstration outdoors & then we painted. Sunny, pleasant weather was with us in a lovely public spot just on the edge of the harbor.

Painting IS different from drawing. You define objects by masses of contrasting colors & values instead of by line. There's a lot more to consider like lights & darks & patterns of colors & shapes.
Part of my pleasure, in any class, is making sketch-notes. (Here, 3 X 5" journal by Semicolon) I've been sketching a lot lately. Summer & all the festivals & events here provide me with opportunities.
Tony has a relaxed approach to painting combined with formal study. While he's painting he says things like,  "Why not try?" "I'm just going to have fun. If it works out, OK." 

Tourist to Mainer: "How do you get to Lincolnville?" 
Mainer: "My brother takes me."


  1. What a dream!
    Rita..I love the way you paint..sketch..draw..write.
    I really do.
    Your white sail:-)
    His great white hair!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your workshop!!

  3. Sounds like your teacher has a nice experimental approach! Love the colors in your watercolor, especially the gold in the front and the sky colors. (Also,I wish I could keep pictorial journals like that!)

  4. Been to the winery in Lincolnville? We're thinking about going there....

  5. sounds like you had an amazing time!!!

  6. It must be soooooo interesting to do such things! I like to see people painting and drawing . And the landscape seems perfect for such activities.. What a great time you had !*Hugs from the far East!

  7. Lucky you! What a beautiful area for a class. I like his philosophy--"Why not try?" Your sketches and painting are lovely, as usual, too!

  8. Oh - what a privilege to attend a workshop by Tony - I have read and enjoyed his books. Your painting of the sail boat is really lovely. Your thoughts too on the difference between sketching a painting are so true. (between you and me - I like the line better - it is easier for me - lol) Have a wonderful week-end.

  9. So I need to check out Coastal Maine Wkshops -- yours sounds (and looks) so intriguing . . .xx

  10. Ooooo, I hope to take a couple of watercolor workshops in my new spot too. Your wc painting is charming!!!!


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