Friday, July 18, 2014

Fast Sketches: Small Town Farmer's Market

I had a feeling the painting class that I'd been a part of for 2 days would be at the local Farmer's Market. There was the teacher, right in the middle of things, doing a brilliantly colorful demo. This market is much smaller than Portland's but it too is filled with health & joy & the arts. Again, I walked into a bit of bliss.. sights, scents, art, & more Celtic music....
...played by 3 young men on fiddle, keyboard & recorder...
Proportion & accuracy are off here, but it is for me a souvenir of a moment...
Student & assistant, Deb, from New Hampshire. One of the sweetest people I've ever met...Good energy all around! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I seem to keep saying to summer in Belfast.


  1. Great quick sketches. I looked for you after I parked but alas!! I love your sketches and I recognized each one

  2. Love them..I hope Tony sees this!
    You have had a knack of finding your way to the right spots!!

  3. Thank you for taking us into that great energy -- and you do so with each of your sketches. xx

  4. Delightful sketches Rita! Such a lovely way to preserve memories.

  5. It's clear that you have found a great spot to settle into -- Belfast. You like the same type of environments that I crave in order to keep right in my life. Your market sketches are lively and fluid. -- barbara

  6. Belfast is a gem... let's keep it hidden.


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