Sunday, September 7, 2014

Morning Meditation Sketch: Cormorant

Yesterday I attended a lecture at a Rockland gallery by painter & teacher, Bjorn Runquist. He reminded me why it is that I sketch. I stop, I observe, I get to know something, I stay with it, I am present, I am engaged in a moment of life...

Runquist showed a series of small sunrise paintings that were for him morning meditations, his way of greeting the world each morning for a year. 

So this morning, first thing, I found myself on a bench by the harbor of my little town, enjoying once again the pleasure, the process, the meditation of drawing, of sketching, for no one or no reason except to pass a little time in a little piece of the world. Un petit coin de paradis...


  1. I have to send this to my dear artist friend..who sketches..paints..meditates..♥
    She will enjoy this.
    Lovely work Rita.
    I felt calm just reading and seeing this post.
    Love the way you write too!

  2. These sketches wake up my senses of appreciation of the serenity of shore birds. Such calm repose -- barbara

  3. What a wonderfully meditative way to spend time. I REALLY have to try doing this.

  4. Thank you for reminding me of that meditative quality of daily sketching -- for no one, but for 'un petit coin de paradis . . .' xx

  5. Yes, it is a little piece of paradise!

  6. I do that , but instead of drawing, I walk !

  7. Not one of my favorite birds, but I do like your sketches and notes.

  8. Oh terrific! You captured the various poses very well, I think. Nice study!


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