Monday, September 15, 2014

Morning Sketch Meditations: Changes

 Morning Meditation means loading my backpack 
with my drawing tools & wandering with my sketchbook.
(This one is new, a tiny, 51/2 X 31/2" Paperblanks.)
Oh! The gifts of stopping to see! A sailboat, 
so slightly turning to & fro in the morning breeze...
Slight movement, but with the early morning light, 
shadows & reflections, & my tranquil frame of mind, 
I  experience them as great, miraculous changes.
My little boat is now big 
in relation to a shore bird neighbor!
 Early morning by the harbor means greeting others who are also welcoming the new day. 
They are mostly walkers & I love sharing their fresh energy. 
Morning seems to open us to health & happiness.
 Drawing/meditation can happen any time during the day.
Here,  Moose Point State Park, a pause after walking the
sweet shore & woods trail loop on a late afternoon. 
No fantastic mountain summits, just quiet serenity at ground level.
Drawing/meditation frees me up from preconceived ideas.
I returned another morning to the harbor thinking I'd be looking at more boats. 
But what immediately caught my eye was a lily plant full of seed pods. 
They are little sculptures that I often overlook in relation to their springtime blossom counterparts. 
Stalks were in different stages of aging & dying, from full green pods to withered, shriveled, brown ones. 
One lily even had all this as well as her vivid yellow blossoms! 
The change of seasons & life were displayed by
a single lily plant!


  1. Love the book:) la reliure est superbe..
    Most of all your sketches and watercolors.
    I don't know if I could do a boat..will try.I know for sure I cannot get people like you.
    That is my very fave.The man w/ the boats.

  2. I liked your whole description of how mornings are meditative, energy givers, and neighborliness. What more could one ask for when they start their morning. Of course -- your sketch was lovely -- felt the meditative mood. -- barbara

  3. Beautiful post--I love your sketches and the thoughtfulness of your words. I feel the quiet serenity.

  4. J'adore tes carnets , je les trouve merveilleux et j'aimerais pouvoir tous les feuilleter , ils sont si riches de souvenirs et de jolis moments !

  5. I enjoyed your writing as much as your sketches.

  6. How do you do it? I love all your scribbles and scratches and curvy lines.

  7. You've passed the tranquility on to us . . . xx


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