Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shakespeare & Company Revisited

 A new version (9 X 12") of a drawing that I'd made several years ago. It was a pleasure to "re-visit" this book store in Paris where I had had an enchanted experience. To see the original drawing, story & photos, click Here. Most of my France & Paris drawings have now sold. To see ones I've posted on this blog, click on "France" in Labels. When you reach the bottom of the posts, click on "older posts" for more.

I told a friend that most of my French images are gone.
"I guess it means you have to go back to create more," she said.
For now, it's not possible, but I will continue to dream & draw...


  1. Again..I love both!!
    I am not surprised you are SOLD OUT~

  2. Great sketches, so lovely to look back & see the older ones.

  3. Appreciate the changes . . .and it's nice that you can re-visit Paris without the hassle of airports, etc. :))

  4. This is exactly how the bookshop looks! Yes, you'll be OBLIGED to come back here ! :o)

  5. I so love your compositions and the way they are rendered.


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