Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cross Country Skiing in Acadia ~ Photos

Cross Country Skiing on the Eagle Lake Carriage Path in Acadia National Park. 
It's been years since I was there in winter...
It is my Heaven on Earth, skiing there.
Across the Lake is Cadillac Mountain & one of the Bubbles. 


  1. I can't even IMAGINE what it must be to be among so much snow ! :o)
    That's sooooooooo beautiful !
    Surveille ta boîte aux lettres !
    Bisous !

  2. How gorgeous! I have never tried cross country skiing but would like to, or snow shoeing. Of course, I would probably freeze my behind off, since I've never been in this much snow!

  3. W takim puchu śniegowym tylko biegać na nartach. To musiało być z pewnością miłe przeżycie. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  4. Oh, in any season the Park is one amazing place. Stunning looks in every direction, around each turn, under each bridge...

  5. So beautiful, Rita! Thank you for posting these. It is a contrast to the summery photos I have.

  6. Oh! so beautiful. What a refreshing day to spend in the outdoors. -- barbara

  7. Oh, you choose the MOST beautiful places to explore! Were the paths already groomed? No falliing, I hope! xx


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