Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Frozen Art • Photos

 Frozen, so much is frozen up here, including my urge to sketch. 
Inside that frozen globe I imagine there to be energy & life, waiting to be tapped. 
Maybe when the shell melts a little, colorful images will fly out & show themselves.
Frozen does not mean that artistic expression has to stop.
Look at the image that was released from the ice 
in this sculpture near the Camden Library.
Note the tall masts of the windjammers in the background.
They sit still in the harbor for the winter, 
still like the energy that fuels my impulse to draw.


  1. Podziwiam rzeźbiarzy w lodzie, bo wkładają dużo pracy i serca, a rzeźba z czasem się rozpłynie. Ja bardzo lubię oglądać je. Cieszę się, że znowu masz ochotę na odwiedzenie Polski. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  2. One year our little town did that..This would have been the perfect year..that year we had an unusual heat wave and they melted..literally transformed during the day..:(
    I love them outside..:)

  3. L'hiver est aussi fait pour ça , "recharger les accus" comme on dit ici, se reposer , réfléchir et recentrer son énergie sur l'essentiel , pour pouvoir réattaquer le moment venu avec la tête et le corps plein de force et d'idées .
    Merci pour ton mail , ça m'a fait très plaisir d'avoir des nouvelles !
    Je t'écris bientôt !
    Gros bisous !

  4. PS: et je n'ai pas créé le nom qui désigne les collectionneurs de boites aux lettres , il existe vraiment ! par contre , j'apprécie beaucoup la création de "blogdemarielatortuephile" !! :o)

  5. Get crackin' woman, LOL! Your fans miss your sketches.

  6. Frozen beauties, indeed! :-)

    The muse, like the rest of us, at times needs some rest. I have not published any new posts for a week or so. Simply nothing to be worthwhile plus a bit of railing about not feeling really at home where I live now, tired of winter. All together, not very inspiring.
    I hope your muse comes back soon, better weather too!
    To spring,

  7. I'm amazed at the guys that cut ice with chainsaws. Such a violent way to get art done.

  8. Like your winter sculpture's photos. Perhaps one can look at your photos as art as winter surrounds you and your sketch books lie dormant like much of nature. You have a great eye and I always enjoy what you give us through your posts.-- barbara

  9. Love the frozen globe image and thoughts . . . My own meagre sketching has 'frozen,' too, even though I am in thawed-out territory. Consumed by mishmasheroni! xx


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