Sunday, March 1, 2015

Skiing in Acadia: Photos

Do you have favorite spots to which you return
over and over, in all seasons? 
I'm back at Acadia & Eagle Lake. 
Such happiness, moving through an enchanted winter forest 
with a rhythmic kick and glide, body & soul in harmony.
While the terrain varies 
as you glide along,
...there's a stretch where softwood boughs 
create cathedral ceilings...

Art. Beauty. Air. Joy. Health. Strength. Energy. Celebration.
Renewal. Inspiration. Wonder. 
Words fail me here...
And photos can only capture one aspect of the experience.

Please, do tell, what is a place that brings you back repeatedly? 


  1. I love the way you describe the snow in the trees as creating cathedral ceilings. Makes me wish for another snow around here!

    There is a certain state park not far from here where I like to go hiking in all kinds of weather. It is hilly and forested, and one of the trails leads to a quiet little waterfall. That is one of the nearby places that draws me back again and again.

  2. Lovely to see you sounding so happy & content with your life. Thank you for letting us into your place of happiness. The place I return to is the lake, not far from where we live, I often show photos., Mr France and I take a walk there after picking up groceries from the supermarket, Sometimes when it's warmer we buy a baguette & some charcuterie and stay a while longer & picnic. What ever time of the year it's always a pleasure I

  3. Jesteś w miejscu, do którego zawsze możesz wracać, więc ciesz się nim i baw się dobrze. Ja też takie mam, ale to jest nie w zimowej porze i nad morzem. Pozdrawiam

  4. Oh, so lovely. I can see why you would return. I have a few places I'd go back to mom's place in northern CA (used to be my grandparents' and I've been going there since childhood), a lake house owned by some friends that we've rented several times. It really takes more than one visit to get to know the soul of a place.

  5. Wonderful photos and I do remember the bowed trees creating arched passes with a light dusting of snow filtering down. That is my cathedral too.

  6. I have one, but it's a place along the sea , where noone has ever ever seen snow !
    You seem to have great fun !(if it's you on the picture?..)
    Gros bisous du sud ensoleillé !

  7. So beautiful, in all respects . . . ahhhh. Thank you for taking us along. My places are several. One is up there in Maine, very near you. :)) xx

  8. Acadia is such all encompassing artistic world. Take it in once. Take it in with paint. Take it within the soul.

  9. I don't know how I mssed this:)

    The red beret:)
    I love skiing.. and the vistas are always a gift.
    My favorite spot is out our backyard..onto an old golf course..

  10. Looks like a great place to come back too. I haven't been cross country skiing in years, looks so fun! I love going back to Indiana Dunes where I grew up, and also to some spots inNorthern Michigan. My favorite there is the Point Betsie lighthouse in Frankfurt. Where I live now that spot will probably be Hood River, Oregon which is in the Columbia River Gorge. I seem to find an excuse to go there every week!

  11. Every photo in your series tells me why you will find excuses to return. Everything is so pristine and uncrowwed. It's an enchanted forest! Very nice photo of you. such pleasures tell me you love your area. -- barbara

  12. Looks like where I live full time now, northern Michigan!


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