Sunday, March 15, 2015

View From the Window: March

 It was romantic in December.
Fresh in January. 
Energizing in February.
None of the above in March.

One has to look a little harder
to see the beauty 
of a snow storm in March.


  1. I am an introvert too now..sort of..not with strangers or family..Just people I have known..

    It snowed here too and it is very grey..
    Last winter..I remember a few..from my window posts from you Rita:)
    It's almost over..I promise.

  2. Trochę biało, trochę zielono, jak to w marcu bywa. Ładny widok masz za oknem. Pozdrawiam i ślę buziaka.

  3. I do like your soft color palette. It feels like almost spring. Looks like an overcast day there. Same here.

  4. I hope your snow will stop re-appearing and Spring will show it's sunny face, then you'll be outside and not looking through your window. Your sketch reflects your mood.

  5. Some watercolors will do the trick. Also, so easy to look at in July.

  6. I'm sure you're ready for some spring! That's how I feel in August when I'm fed up with heat and humidity and longing for some fall.

  7. Dernier assaut de l'hiver , comme un dernier salut avant de se retirer !En France , on dit "un baroud d'honneur" .
    Bises et bon courage !

  8. Ah, I sympathize . . .Spring is going to be SO appreciated this year . . .

  9. That's a very good way of describing it!
    Just found your blog today, through Pinterest, and am enjoying it very much.
    Left a comment on an older post, as well.

    Here's to better weather!


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