Thursday, July 16, 2015

Backroads of Maine. Haystacks

Looking East to the Camden hills from route 52.
For me, it's one of the most beautiful backroads in Maine.
It's all the more beautiful in early evening light after
an afternoon of kayaking on a very blue Lake Megunticook.

In my childhood I dreamed of living on a farm.
Haystacks were a symbol of that life. 
Those haystacks were cone shaped in the fairy tales, 
formed by hand instead of rolled.

In childhood I always colored the grass a flat green color.
It is interesting to me how differntly colored it really is! 


  1. Those rolled bundles always catch my eye as I travel past. Wonderful rendition of the rural scene.

  2. When my son was little, he called hay rolled like this "hay loafs"--and I still call them this in my mind.

    That's one thing I've found so interesting about learning how to sketch/paint--all the different colors that make up "green" grass (or palm trees, or...). Also, the ability as an artist to put in colors that I want to add, even if they're not literally there, and still have the subject read as "grass" or "barn" or whatever.

  3. Witam :). Piękny szkic, lubię takie widoki. Pozdrawiam ii ślę uściski.

  4. Your colors are always so vivid and alive..have you ever mentioned which paints you favor Rita?
    I love round bales..serene to me..they make a landscape so special.You feel the work of the farmer..they are artistic to me.
    If you can qualify bales in a beauty category..the ones we came upon in Castelluccio were definitely the most striking I have ever seen.

  5. I remember drawing haystacks as cones too :)

  6. I especially like the shadows on the bales.

  7. Dear Rita - such a wonderful sketch and the scene could have been sketched right from the view at my place. Hope you are having a great day.


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