Sunday, July 5, 2015

Maine's Glendarragh Lavender Farm

I always associate lavender with France, Italy & England.
But yesterday we visited a Maine lavender farm! 
After a beautiful ride through green, green, green, 
woods, farms & fields, overlooking rivers & lakes 
the Camden Hills to the east, 
we arrived at a 26 acre farm in Appleton,
 nestled in rolling meadows & 
filled with French & English lavender, 
flower gardens, bird houses, & old oak trees, 
not to mention happy wanderers.

Glendarragh Farm is open to the public 
only 3 days a year, during the harvest. 
Young student farm workers guide you , 
explain the growing, harvesting & drying processes, 
and share some history of how the farm came to be.
The gift shop, in an old barn, allowed us to bring back home
 a little healthy, therepeutic, aromatic, cheerful Lavender, 
in my case, in the form of a bouquet.

The Glendarragh Farm Lavender shop 
on Camden's Main St. is open year round!
When the front door is open, enchanting, enticing 
fragrance wafts out the door & lures me in, to luxuriate in
the scents of dried lavender,  & lotions & balms,
made by Glendarragh's owner.  
 They are interspersed with lovely treats such as 
blue & lavender scarves, pottery, sachets, & candles... 

The Fourth of July: 
It was a, pastoral, lavender filled summer day...  


  1. I have a little lavender post prepared:)
    Yoir artwork is so perfect!I like how the business coordinates are over the art:)

  2. Oh, we missed going, but thank you for the vicarious journey. I can almost smell that lavender . . . xx

  3. Hello Rita. loved reading your post about Lavender, I'm picking mine as often as I can, I just adore the fragrance about the house, it takes me back to Provence everyday. such a lovely sketch showing it growing , hanging to dry and in a wrapped bouquet..

  4. Oh yummy. Sounds like a sensual treat!!

  5. Oh, lucky you! I love lavender, and have been to a lavender farm in Washington state...the fragrance was so amazing. They had lavender ice cream, as well as just about anything else you use lavender for. I didn't taste the ice cream, but I'm sure it was delicious. I love your sketchbook page--makes me want to visit another lavender farm!

  6. Oh I would bet the smell was amazing. Love that Scot name of the lavender farm too. Sigh...Luscious page!


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