Monday, July 20, 2015

From the Sketchbook: MFA, Boston

Going to Boston means going sketching. 
Above, the MFA permanent Impressionist Gallery, 
a place  of familiarity & comfort for me,
 a place that on this day was not crowded.
The crowds were at a temporary show of Leonardo drawings.

Leonardo said that recording observations
with your own eyes was more important
than any established philosophy or religious principles.

Leonardo's concept of beauty was found in the 
"study of the living" in all its complexity.

"Drawing was an essential part of artistic practice during the Renaissance." 
"Drawing became the artistic equivalent of writing poetry 
or thoughts in a journal."   

 Unlike some European art museums which I've visited, 
the MFA is filled with loud, LOUD adult VOICES, 
sometimes talking about the art, oftentimes, not. 

In Blockbuster shows, it is often difficult to get near the works,
 especially when they are small.
So inbetween reading & seeing what I could of the drawings, 
I guess I stepped back & recorded my observations of
 "the living."


  1. Witam. Ładne szkice i pewno ważne notatki dla Ciebie zrobiłaś w miejscu, które odwiedziłaś. Cieszę się, że byłaś u mnie, bo już zaczęłam myśleć, że o mnie zapominasz. Nie pisz u mnie komentarzy po polsku, jeśli to Ci zajmuje dużo czasu. Wystarczy, że czytasz moje posty i moje komentarze u Ciebie. Ja wolę Twoje częstsze wizyty u mnie i komentarze po angielsku, niż rzadkie i komentarze po polsku.. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i przesyłam buziaki.

  2. Rodin is now in Mtl I think? Nancy went and loved it..
    You deserve your own always I am charmed by your art♥

  3. You are so great at capturing observers. . . The observer (you) observing others observing . . . :))

  4. I usually get a bit impatient and sometimes frustrated with museum-patrons who interfere with my enjoyment of and exhibition or favorite painting. I like your solution. Leonardo was a wise man about observation.

  5. Wow, what a fabulous place to sit and sketch! I could imagine losing a whole day there!

  6. For a person with as much drive as I tend to have, as much as I love seeing the sketches of other artists, I've never been able to get in the sketch habit. What a shame. You are a master and I love that you have captured snippets of your daily life in your pages!

  7. Simply wonderful. Like the way all are browsing ...... in their casual attire.

  8. Terrific--love the sketches, and I would have loved the experience, also.

  9. I think Americans, culturally, are just normally loud in public. I would think the best time to visit would be early morning before the public gets its motor up and roaring. Nice to see the attire casual -- I am not a fan of Barbie dress up. As Leonardo would say -- your observations are very interesting. -- barbara


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