Monday, September 21, 2015

Why a Drawing Class?

 "Why would you take a drawing class
when you already know how to draw?" someone asked.


• In drawing one never stops progressing & learning.
• One learns from other students as well as a teacher.
• New energy & motivation.
• New exercises & materials = good bye comfort zone!
• Homework!
• Community of folks with similiar passions

The above drawing may appear to be similiar 
to many I've posted.


It was re-drawn with my familiar ink 
from a fast, on-location pencil sketch
which was new & different.
I haven't used graphite in a long time. 
And I used a "WOODLESS PENCIL", 
introduced to us in class. Very dark, smooth, & rich! 

An in-class exercise also affected the way I'm drawing now: 
Drawing with our non-dominant hand! 
A wonderful way to loosen one's approach!
I HAD to do it when I had a wrist injury,
but the comfort zone made me abandon the practice 
when the wrist healed. 


  1. Excellent answers to a probing question!

  2. It must be fun to take an art class..I may one day again..

    Woodless? Not as in mechanical pencil?

    Rita I thought of you today..fantastical new art store..close enough to where I live..I could have spent the time..

    your post reminds me of a friend..Derek..who painted..I met him and his wife online..and we met in person several times..he recommended this book..

    Have you read it? I did many years ago and did what you said:)

  3. There's always something more to learn...I still take horseback riding lessons after 15 years of riding, and read books and web content about writing and editing. Your reasons are perfect.

  4. The teddy bear below is so cute! And I agree with your every word here. Love the sketch!

  5. Drawing with your non-dominant hand. I'm cringing just thinking about what my drawings might look like if I tried that experiment. I love that you are taking a drawing class. Keep learning and growing!

  6. Love your reasons; they make perfect sense. You are always evolving . . . xx

  7. Rita -- Your power points are so true. I find that your art classes are similar to some of the photography classes I have taken. It seems that one has to keep learning to understand the camera and the visuals one wants to achieve. Learning from others is something that is both a pleasure and can be a social event as well. -- barbara


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