Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Celebrations Summer People

Summer in my little town: Friday morning Farmers' Market.
The Belfast Bay Fiddlers!
And people browsing, shopping, local plants & food.

One key to making a lot of quick sketches:
Use an inexpensive book with lots of pages.
Bring 2 sketchbooks so that one can dry
while you work in the other.
 Thursday night outdoor concerts, 
sometimes on a blocked off road in town, 
sometimes on the Common, overlooking the harbor.
Lots of opportunities for fast sketches of what seems to be
my favorite subject.

My fascination with observing people began
with my mom & little me on vacation. 
We would sit on a bench on the boardwalk,
& describe the summer people strolling by. 
A sort of Conversational Sketching.
The Saturday indoor United Farmers' Market. 
Another happy place. It's crowded, but I found a great
corner with a table on which to rest my book.
Dot's Café in Lincolnville has longer hours now.
The wine bottles, like sparkly little people.
I'm allergic to their content, but they are festive!


  1. It feels as if we've spent a wonderful day with you, poking into all the quiet wonders of Belfast. Thank you for bringing us along.

  2. I love these soooo much! You are a master at capturing posture and mood. Love love love. xx

  3. I wish I was allergic to their content!:)

    You are a master at capturing posture and mood as Sharon said..
    Your fan,Moniquex

  4. Loved, loved, LOVED this . . .
    Each sketch tells a story . . .
    Your sketching and watercolor "speaks" to me . . .
    Love every little bit of each . . .
    Refreshing story telling.

    Reminds me of my walk "on the road" this morning.
    Each house I passed by, my thought was,
    each has a story . . . design, color, ambiance . . .
    I think I need to just give sketching a try .. .
    And let my eyes speak.

  5. Dear Rita - your sketches are super - especially loved the musicians. All are delightful friend. So glad you shared. Hugs!

  6. Such adorable sketches--definitely they have a happy vibe. Great idea to bring two sketchbooks so you can work in one while the other dries.


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