Sunday, June 25, 2017

Super Fast Sketching

 We attended a tour of the Farnsworth Homestead in Rockland, 
a historic tour of an upper middle class Victorian home in Rockland, 
& part of the Farnsworth Art Museum.
I had to draw & write quickly in order to take notes. 
 Not too legible to others, 
but what a pleasure to  take down information 
in this way! (Glad I didn't have my camera...)
 The house has been preserved as it was when Lucy Farnsworth died in 1935. 
Our guide gave us a sense of the life that had gone on in the house, 
as well as describing the historic interior. 
 The life of the children was evident. 
 After, we visited the Museum. 
The Marguerite Zorach show
has murals, paintings, 
& my favorites: Needlework & tapestries. 
She invented intricate stitches, 
some of the tapestries are huge, complex scenes & montages! 
  Wednesday, a 5 minute sketch from Belfast's Walking Bridge. 
I couldn't stay due to sun & heat, 
so I scribbled quickly.
I'm loving the Pentallic series of 4 X 6 blank books with different colored covers. 
The super quick sketch under the maroon Pentallic is from the Saturday morning Market, 
in the midst of LOTS of passersby, 
while I was waiting for a sandwich. 
Color was added later, but also quickly & minimally.

The Joy of the Fast Sketch! 
No time to think, just attention & focus...


  1. Your posts even sounds fast and joyful!! Full of life and inspiration! Oh to have that doigté!!!Yours.

  2. Your blog posts are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  3. Cool sketches, and experience. I'm usually taking pictures, but I should try just sketching and jotting notes sometime.

  4. I really love the sketching with the color. It's really a great technique and one I hope to implement (and share!) over the summer when I'm doing more sketching up north!

  5. Rita - just super fun sketches. I think when we have to do a drawing quickly we often times capture the essence of the scene better. Yours certainly did. I bet the Marguerite Zorach show was great. Well have a lovely day. Hugs!

  6. Love your fast sketches -- so much freedom and life in the line. . . xx

  7. I am not sure if you are visiting the area, or are from here? But if you have not visited the Olson house, it is a must see! Andrew Wyeth painted it (Christina's World)

    I love your blog, and your sketches, I am just starting my sketchbook journey, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Not sure if you are aware, but US postal service is coming out with a sheet of commemorative stamps of Andrew Wyeth's paintings on July 12th.

  9. Good for you drawing with no camera! Not sure I could be seperated from my iPad...joined at the hip. It would take surgery.


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