Sunday, June 4, 2017

Second Drafts and Responding

Both are 2nd draft sketches, sketches from sketches. The little flap above the flowers is from a 1st draft page that I had removed. The top sketch is from a drawing I did in February while staying at a neighbor's home when I had to evacuate my own home due to repairs. The original was stiff, overworked. It reflected a ton of stress, & also reflected a desire to please my neighbor. No.

The 2nd is a re-make from a heavy, overworked sketch at Friday's Farmer's Market which reflected my tension from not having sketched for 2 months. It did not express my feelings to the burst of color that I encountered.

This sketching is like physical exercise: One "stays in shape" & flows by doing it frequently. I am discovering, that Lightness is a key to my authentic response & expression. Sometimes it must be less about what I specifically see & more about the feeling. Always lessons, yes?


  1. I love the movement and energy in the floral piece. It's the combination of the colors and the rolling feel of the text area that gives a burst of joy and excitement. I love them both. And you're right -- I've not been sketching regularly and it shows.

  2. I agree with Jeanie..I would be so happy to have this free flowing gorgeous bright style:)

  3. your work provides such needed respite for the eye and the heart. how fortunate we are to rest within your art. fascinating how closely your own emotional state reflects in your work. perhaps you would be willing to show us side by side comparisons sometime. would it be as apparent to the rest of us?

  4. This is a great lesson to learn and to share. I'm finding that writing is the same as sketching--if I don't do it almost every day, my skills get really rusty. It doesn't matter that I've been writing for many years--I still require practice, practice, practice. I'm hoping that as with your lovely reworked sketches, a few sessions of reworking my words will produce something interesting, if not beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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