Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Urban Sketch Group Date #2

2nd draft sketch
2nd time with the Urban Sketch Group.
From a small park on Main Street, several of us 
looked down toward the Shore Walk, 
which is just to the left of the boat landing.

Our hilly town presents scenes with distances, 
marvelous combinations of forms & proportions. 
I want to draw more of these complex views 
with their challenges of perspective & scale. 
This is teaching me to simplify, to keep a rhythm going.

I am bolder with the group, I attract less attention from passersby.

After, everything around me looked so vivid & attractive. 
I wished I could have stayed to do more.
They say that when drawing/sketching/painting
 a physiological change occurs
& perception becomes clearer. 
It IS a form of meditation. And a way to appreciate  
a moment in time, a place...


  1. Lovely sketch, and some nice take-home thoughts as well. Glad you're finding some like-minded souls to sketch with.

  2. I was going to looks so complicated..but you d it:) With such charm.:)
    I am happy you have found this group too!

  3. Dear Rita - your sketch is wonderful friend. I have found myself doing much more these past couple of weeks. It takes me to a happy place and we all need to visit it so often. So glad you shared. Hope you have a blessed weekend. Hugs!

  4. As usual, you inspire me. . . I'm back in the States. . . hoping we will meet up again soon. xx


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