Saturday, June 17, 2017

Local Sketching!

Saturday morning: I met 3 friends to play French Scrabble 
in the large café space at the new United Farmer's Market of Maine. It's here in Belfast!
Wonderful, fantastic, happy, FANTASTIC indoor market! 
It equals the old Portland Market (now gone), & indoor marketplaces I've loved in France. 
Food, produce, coffee, flowers, & even crafts! 

After the game I sketched the view I'd been looking at during the Scrabble.
Tips of white tents on the waterfront~another celebration!

I met a Swiss tourist, an oil painter. 
He showed me his book of lovely travel sketches 
of this region's scenes. I spoke French with a French woman
& her sweet daughter who were selling handmade soaps. 
 Yesterday some of us sketchers went to a presentation on watercolor products 
at Rockport Blueprint in Camden. 
As usual, I sketched through the lecture, both the class scene & out the window. 
Helps me to listen.
Talented artist friend L snapped a photo. 
So much fun talking watercolor & materials with friends & acquaintances. Inspired, after the presentation,
 I did an inventory of my watercolor stuff, then continued some unfinished work.
 They had an after hours sale for us participants.
Voilà my new sketch tote! I brought it with me this morning &
it is not only cute, but it works!

(If you visited my last post, I have replaced the
first sketch with a new draft.) 
I learned a lot through the first one while overworking it. 
I simplified & paid more attention to value in the 2nd.
Still a complex subject & a challenge as opposed to today's sketch, which seemed to paint itself.


  1. You lines are pure and your colors lovely.

  2. You are having too much fun:) WEL DESERVED!
    How exciting being w/ minded artist friends..and seeing new products..♥
    Never knew you were left handed..maybe I will switch:)

  3. Oh, this looks like loads of fun -- creating in company of others and the market sounds fabulous! (And one that attracts a pretty international crowd, too!) I am so excited to see your art. It is inspiring me to not disregard my sketches so much as I often do. Yes, I know. Practice. LOTS.

    Thanks for following me on Marmelade Gypsy. I'm delighted to have discovered your blog as well and have a feeling I'll be scrolling down to plenty of posts I've missed in the past!

  4. You know how I love Rockport Blueprint! xx We will go again, yes, once I am realigned post-travel? xx

  5. I love your sketching and watercoloring style. Whenever I see you have a new post it makes me so happy.

  6. P.S. -- I have a French Scrabble board (though we don't really play in French!) But it's fun to see how the score changes!

  7. All works are very beautiful.
    This is a great fortune because you have a great talent.


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