Friday, April 13, 2018

The Mouton Studies

Mouton came to me during a time of intense bad-luck stress. 
The bad-luck stress left, but Mouton decided to stay. 
He is a "Sigikid" and comes from Germany.
Recently I did a quick sketch of him in my daily journal.
He liked it. "Do more, Rita, do more!" 
"Andrew Wyeth did many studies of his favorite models, Rita. 
So please, study ME!"
He often sits next to my pen cup. He knows how to get
my attention. (He's onto my fountain pen obsession.)
 He did not realize how how much work went into me trying to illustrate, 
verses my private sketching! 
After all these years of loving & sharing picture books with children,
I know even more what tremendous work goes into 
creating animated, consistent images!

Picture book authors & illustrators are Mouton's & my heroes!

(Mouton's favorite picture book at the moment is 
I Lost My Bear by Jules Feiffer.)
He may still prefer it when I sketch him loosely in my sketchbooks, 
but he's glad I challenged myself to try something new.

Mouton's been speaking to me in French lately.
(We like listening to a French radio show while we work.)
Even though his name has French origins, 
he pronounces it MOO' tawn. Accent on the MOO.
(Il aime faire le clown-pronounced "clune.")
Now, take a break from modeling, dear Mouton.
Repose-toi bien.


  1. Witam serdecznie. Podoba mi się Twoja maskotka, a jej szkice są urocze. Uwielbiam je. Pozdrawiam i ślę uściski ze słonecznej Polski.

  2. So, does this mean we might see Mouton in a book of his own? I would like that! So would our Baby Grand!

    I'm just wild about your illustrations. These make me smile. And thanks for dropping by today! Always fun to see you at the Gypsy!

  3. I am w/ Jeanie..wild about your work..I could not have said it better.Thank you Jeanie.
    Amazing work Rita..and I would buy your book too:)Mouton est charmant!!He was made for you.
    You were made for each other..just look at the colors.

  4. What a great post. You are not only a great sketch artist but story teller as well. It made me wonder what you and Mouton were going to next. It would be great if you could write adventures and illustrate them!!!!!

  5. What a delightful post, Rita. J'aime Mouton et tu. Hehe.

  6. Delightful . . . beyond words!

  7. Ah Rita - I am loving your Mouton sketches. They made me smile and I can see what a lovely stress reliever he is. So glad you shared because I too need some relief from stress. Who doesn't?? Have a great week friend. Hugs!


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