Monday, October 15, 2018

Back to Acadia, Autumn, 2018

Excursion to Acadia with an art friend. 
I got to add another panel to my Moleskine accordion book.

The 1st panel created in June, 2016 
The one before yesterday's: Last May.

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From the path down to the (large) Pond, 
from the Jordan Pond House,
where lunches, popovers & views are divine. 
The left shore. Some years ago I hiked the trail 
around the entire lake.

The shore nearby, the carmines & corals 
are waving, Look at us!
Rather than hike we walked gently along carriage paths.
Design, color, dancing lights & shadows, 
translucence, luminescence, 
sparkling, shimmering, glittering leaves!
In the woods a stream that flows into into Jordan Pond...
...My friend, who takes gorgeous photos, 
captured my physical surroundings: a dark shady pocket 
in the midst of sunny, brilliant color.
What she didn't know is that she had also captured a mood.
I was remembering happy times spent with a childhood friend 
with whom I used to play in our woods by the creek.
I was grieving, because
I learned of my childhood friend's death last week.

Eagle Lake, how different 
from our explorations around Jordan Pond.
Places, flora, time of day, weather, mountains, bodies of water, 
changing light, so many varied images... 
I said to my friend, 
"Sometimes the beauty seems unbearable in its immensity."

A National Park like this, open to the public, 
is one of America's treasures.
It's an enchanting glimpse of Mother Earth 
for us town & city folks.
  On the way home, a Maine Blueberry field, at sunset...
That was yesterday...
Autumn is passing through Coastal Maine.


  1. You captured the day perfectly, ,except , of course, our smoothies!

  2. Yes, no trip to Mount Desert Island is complete without them!

  3. Great sketches and photos. This past weekend was truly spectacular!!

  4. Replies
    1. Oh yes! And a feast for the senses, the scents of the leaves on gentle breezes, the cool air of my face, the crunch of leaves and pebbles beneath our feet as there were no motors to be heard...

  5. Eagle Lake
    Jordon Pond
    Blueberry fields
    Magical color bursts
    Such a beautiful part of each year.
    And YES, thank you for our National Parks.
    Sad for you, the death of your childhood friend . . .
    Beautiful Art for our eyes . . .

    1. Dear Lynne, Thank you for your sensitive comment here...Thank you. I'll be over to visit your blog very soon...

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Prayers of comfort come your way.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful fall pictures. I love Maine and haven’t been back in awhile (sick dog) I am loving the pictures.

    1. Dear Katie's Mom.
      Thank you for your word's of comfort.
      Please do come to Maine when you can! And if you are sick, I wish you healing.
      I wonder if you have a blog that I could visit... Rita

    2. Hi Rita
      I do not have a blog. I am learning watercolor and the joy of painting the beauty in my area, especially the park where Katie and I walk each day. I love your is such a source of inspiration and sheer joy of your watercolor journey. Miss Katie is on Instagram if you would like to see her.

  7. Mes sympathies Rita♥
    I just went on a similar is one of my favorite things to do..
    Just me..just all the beauty..just all my thoughts.


    Love your accordion..:) I should have;)

    1. Oh yes, simple walks, simple joys...I know how you appreciate the beauty of the earth...Rita

  8. Rita your sketches are so great - love that accordian style sketchbook. As for your photos - what a gorgeous place to hike and see. Such glorious colors. Sorry too about your friend. I can imagine how hard it must have been to remember happier times with someone now that they are gone. Take care dear one. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Yes, a beautiful place, like your Harmony Hills...The accordion sketchbook of Acadia reached it's conclusion last week...It accompanied me to Acadia during each visit for 2 years. Autumn, a time that marks change, and sometimes loss...And hugs to you too...


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