Saturday, October 6, 2018

Exploring New Watercolors

My new watercolors are 
much more saturated than the old ones.
Still getting to know them. 
With these new paints
my small sketches are more abstract these days.
(This was a scene in shop of pretty things
here in town.)
Sadness has come into my life recently...
I release it onto paper... 
Life has it's darkness as well as lightness.
Colors change from day to day, month to month...
C'est comme ça.


  1. They do seem much more vivid.

  2. I'm so sorry to learn of the sadness, and so comforted to see you process it through your work.

    1. Thank you for your caring...Yes, art is comforting and soothing, among many other functions...

  3. Oh dear Rita.I am sorry for you.

    I visited Van Gogh's asylum..St Paul Mausolée...where he spent 1 year of sadness..It was so moving.
    I guess none of us are exempt of it.

    Take care♥

    1. Yes, visiting Van Gogh's St. Paul de Mausole was deeply moving for me too...He was allowed to paint that beautiful setting...Have you seen the film, Loving Vincent? It touched me deeply. To be human is to have a range of feelings and situations...

  4. Art is such a great outlet for expressing feelings. I like the new vivid colors. And I hope they will offer you new pathways to work through your feelings! The deep blue to magenta reminds me a lot of the heavy type of sunset can get when a rainy day is starting to clear.

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  6. Rita am so sorry to read about your sadness. Your painting conveys very well that feeling. As for your other paintings I love those new colors. Will be "looking up" for you - Hugs!


  7. The colors do seem . . . more . . . vivid, yet soft.
    I like the Blue moving into the green . . .
    Caring about your sad Rita . . .
    I too have been moved by . . . Loving Vincent . . .
    Thank you for Sketchbook Wandering . . .
    It is one of my LOVES.


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