Thursday, June 14, 2012

Journals, Memories & Revisiting the Past

Seems like many June weekends ago that Monsieur J and I used to haul 
our mini kayaks on top of the car and head off to the lakes of Maine.
Under this sketch I'd noted sunny clear breezes, health and happiness.
 We'd paddled to the left of a little island, but the wind and the waves had pushed against us, 
so we allowed ourselves to float back and pursue a different direction.  

Some reasons for journaling: The pleasure of practicing attentiveness and observation... 
recording and expanding impressions and reflections...
the preserving of memories.

 I've been looking through old journals, as I contemplate some of my life changes.
As Montaigne wrote (a previous entry), live in the present, 
aided by the past, with dreams for the future. 


  1. Sweet even if they look like two wooden clogs...

  2. Thanks for visiting, Carol. Mismatched clogs, too funny!


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