Monday, June 11, 2012

Paris Sculptures The Stravinsky Fountain

I'm glad I hadn't read or heard about the colorful sculptures in the Stravinsky Fountain at Centre Pompidou. They were a total surprise as I turned a corner and POW!  they came into view! They're set in a public space that invites folks to hang out and to enjoy. How they made me laugh!
View from the museum's exterior escalator.
 They move, they spray water, they represent the works of Igor Stravinsky. There are black painted mechanical creations by Jean Tinguely and colorful painted ones by his wife, Niki de Saint Phalle. They were commissioned in 1978 as part of a program to build contempory fountains in 7 public squares in Paris. I'm going to try to not look up the other 6 so that on future trips I might enjoy the surprises they offer.

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