Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paris Sculptures, Personnages

St-Etienne-du-Mont interior and Pont Alexandre III

I grew up with military statues: men on horses. Loved the horses, but I didn't relate to the guys and their guns. Sculptures in museums seemed so serious and I always gravitated toward the paintings. In Paris I met sculptures and statues that had such soul... that played instruments and danced and moved, so alive, perched above  the heads of the many visitors. In parks, on bridges, fountains, churches, above doorways, in museums..

In niches of Cathedrals, Notre Dame and St-Etienne-du-Mont...
Outside of a Hall of Paintings in the Louvre. You can see her from an upper level...
In the Jardin du Luxembourg. I think Le Faune Dansant has a lot to be happy about.
  Near Place Colette, at Place André Malraux. Since I first encountered her, she is one I go back to, to say Merci for this experience of Paris. When traveling solo, you don't need to be alone in Paris. These personnages, these characters or figures, they are everywhere! 
In Musée d'Orsay. As people eat in the nearby café, walk, sit and chat, these 2 are each dreaming their dreams. But they seem to know one another. We don't seem to disturb their reveries.
Looking out of a Louvre window. He greets the day, he says Welcome Spring, Welcome Dieu, Welcome Visitors to my home, the Louvre. He says, blessings to you all!


  1. These are lovely -- both the statues and your sketches. I'm reminded a bit of my dad's art that hangs over my fireplace. It's a watercolor of cherubs. I never before thought about what it is based on -- but now you've got me wondering.

  2. Thanks alot of the nice statues and sketches..I like it much..


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