Friday, December 20, 2013

Learning to Paint the Night

5 1/2 by 7 1/2" watercolor on Arches hot press

Several weeks ago I was charmed by the scene up on Harbor Hill, next to the Camden Public Library, overlooking the harbor & the town. Down below, on Main Street it was the Christmas By the Sea Celebration, & they were getting ready for a parade with locally made, brightly lit floats!

Process: Since I've hardly ever painted night scenes, & since we are having a lot of night these days, I'm working out my colors & my ways of interpreting the night. I had to make a few drafts on the above scene...still working it out...4 colors only: Payne's Gray, Windsor Blue, Hooker's Green, Ultramarine Violet.

4 X 6 " Hot Press Postcard Paper
 Speaking of drafts: Above are simple drawings, made from intitial quick 1st draft sketches, both of which have been posted here (the Dancing Oak is from yesterday).They're turning into a series of views out my windows...December's Oak & November's rose bushes. What will January bring? 


  1. Ooo Rita, you nailed nighttime. Love it! Good job!

  2. Each time I see one of your drawings, I think: "Oh , it's one of her bests". And then I discover a new drawing, and once more , you succeed to surprise me!
    I LOVE your night sketch; I think you've really beautifully caught the mood!

  3. I too think you aced it..
    I have to stick with day..:-)
    Too much difficulty with that:-)
    Your area is very picturesque Rita

  4. I love the names of the colors you used, and the final result is wonderful.

  5. Rita -- Your color choices for your sketch are perfect in my eyes. I like the tonal qualities -- I can feel the coldness of the air. -- barbara

  6. Love the way you've interpreted the night.another great sketch.

  7. I really like the night shot... more!

  8. Oh, I'm so glad you're going to paint night scenes, as I've been wondering how to capture those. . . and I love the idea of the window series. . . perfecto!

  9. J'aime ces illustrations tout en finesse et douceur.
    Une belle réussite.
    Je découvre votre blog avec intérêt.
    Bonne soirée!

  10. Przede wszystkim Twoje widoki z okna są śliczne. Twój nocny szkic też mi się podoba, widać na nim noc. *** Moje zdjęcia z bałwanem i Mikołajami zrobiłam przy pomocy programu PHOTO SCAPE nakładając na siebie dwa zdjęcia. *** Życzę Ci wspaniałych i radosnych Świąt moja blogowa przyjaciółko !

  11. I love the night scene! So romantic!


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