Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Ice Reflections

I've been drawing & sketching iced tree formations.
They might be "successful" sketches on some level
but I left them to return to some images that were friendlier for me. 
My Cozy Zone. Light, warmth, people.
I've been noticing what attracts me to study an image enough to want to draw it. 
I've been thinking about different mediums. 
These lines, forms, lights, reflections, changing by the day & by the minute, 
seem to be a photographer's paradise.
The chaotic variety overwhelms me 
I'm not sure I have the experience or ability level to capture what I see or feel here by drawing. 
There is phenomenal beauty in this ice, 
but it has powers to destroy comfort & survival.
And the poor trees who are bowed over or broken.
 Simultaneously beautiful & ominous, the ice dominates the views outside my windows. 
Last night it snowed, & it is sunny today, so different from yesterday. 
Tomorrow will again be different as will, perhaps, my internal responses.


  1. love the last photo. really lovely. and your sketch is beautiful.

  2. Though I cannot draw like you, I love looking at nature and noticing all the changes brought by weather.

  3. I notice everything too.All my life the slightest nuances in people's nature changes.. has not led me to paint and sketch like you..
    Love the watercolor..
    I look forward to your posts:-)
    The pics are gorgeous too..and ice is truly beautiful on trees..having lived through a 10-13 day ice power etc..
    There is always a part of me that is eerily bothered by it when the sun is not shining..we came so close again..

  4. Masz rozterki artystyczne i to zrozumiałe, jeśli nie jesteś pewna swojego widzenia szkicu. Pierwszy szkic jest dla mnie śliczny. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  5. Rita -- I have been following your ice storm on the news. I was raised in Michigan which also got hit by that swath of ice that crossed the Midwest and East. I still have old friends in MI and many still do not have heat. Ice is so very beautiful when the sun shines through it - but it does have power!!!! Your last photo shows how ice can paint every inch of the trees -- plus more. I take care and respect mother nature when she brings in an ice storm. Liked your sketch and photos -- and your thoughts on photography. -- barbara

  6. Your sketch definitely portrays the icy cold weather you are having at the moment and your photos capture the wonderful light that the cold weather brings. So stay warm and keep on sketching.

  7. Rito, ja rysuję dopiero od kilku miesięcy i też skupiam się na tematach, w których czuję się pewniejsza. Tak jak ty, fotografuje to, czego nie śmiem rysować.Sometimes i think how to combine drawings with photos in my sketchbook.... So i understand your dillemas pretty good:)

  8. I'm not surprised we're thinking ICE today.It's everywhere.

  9. Your sketch is wonderful! :). And ice is magnificent, but so dangerous. Magical to look at, but easy to fall on, ominous to drive in, and hazardous to our powerlines. Like so much of nature, contradictory. Beautiful post. Thank you!

  10. Very interesting, your thoughts about what scenes might be better (perhaps) captured in photographs than painting/drawing--you're so right about all those intricacies and lights and patterns -- but you still manage to capture that complexity when you pare it down. I don't know HOW you do it, but you do. It is so much like writing, in that sometimes the simplest rendition captures the complex (e.g. a poem vs. a novel). p.s. Did you get my email about the xmas painting and daughter surprising me?

  11. I would love to live in the little house from our drawing.


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