Tuesday, December 17, 2013

O (local) Christmas Tree

Just plain fun, buying the tree, 
right from the woods, from a young man
whose cheerfulness was contagious,
who has a seasonal camp of sorts
by the side of the road, on the outskirts of town.

(Dziękuje, Lady Aga, for the Polish Christmas tree poem!
I added it to the journal page because it was very meaningful.) 


  1. I love Xmas trees ! and all the wonderful songs and poems that go with them. I remember the german "Ô Tannenbaum, wie treu sind deine Bläter.."
    I like your way to pay a tribute to this lovely tradition!

  2. I like the way you're sketching everyday life:)

    Do you know:

    Choinka proszę pana
    jest chyba zaczarowana,
    bo zaraz wszystko odmienia:
    było szaro, a ona wchodzi do domu –
    zielona i spełnia marzenia.
    Choinka – niby królewna
    taka zielona i srebrna,
    taka czerwona i złota.
    A pod nią – nasze marzenia...


  3. Your sketch of the seller and the tree is so good, did you buy it ?

  4. I love the words..the art..the puffy red coat:) All sights I truly love..
    Happy Holidays to you..you bring a smile to me every time you post.

  5. You captured the magic of getting a tree. That is how I felt on Sunday.

  6. I always love to stop at "side-of-the-road-vendors." They are earthy folks for the most part. Producing their own products and playing entrepreneurs. I've not seen one of these vendors selling trees beside the road but surely a sign of the holidays just like the pumpkins representing fall and the corn and tomatoes proclaiming summer along the roadways. -- barbara

  7. Splendid Christmas trees. Their lovely scent, beautiful decorations. Wonderful sketches!

  8. You got a tree, Rita? Good for you! You must be in the spirit of the season! I bought a 2-ft-high tinsel tree -- pink! -- to brighten up my apartment. P.S. Your Christmas card is in the mail, but probably won't reach you until the 26th. Hope you have a cool yule!


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