Monday, March 16, 2015

A Hallowell Gargyole: Sketch

Hallowell, Maine was still in hibernation last week, 
except for a few shops & restaurants. 
J pointed out this gargoyle above an antique shop. 
They're supposed to be frightening, 
but this one was sweet & almost cuddly.
This is the time of year I associate with being in Paris 
& the gargoyles of Notre Dame. 
I can't be there, but our licence plates here say, 
"Maine ~ Vacationland" & day trips in my state 
are good fun, even in March!


  1. He IS cute!! Hooray for Hallowell

  2. I've never seen a cute gargoyle before--definitely worth makinga sketch of. I do hope to visit Maine one day. It looks like such a breathtakingly beautiful place.

  3. I've always had an affinity towards gargoyles. My aunt brought me a set of ceramic bookends from France when I was in HS. Gargoyles were hanging on each end.

  4. I love the colors you used for your sweet gargoyle. He wouldn't frightened me at all, he makes me smile!

  5. sounds like you captured his expression! He looks intense but happy. There is a cuddliness to him.

  6. Maine is one of my favorite states and I have been in forty-five of them or so. I knew an art teacher in Oregon that had his class make small gargoyles for a class project.they were all different and individualistic. He snarfed a bunch of them from students who were not crazy about those they had made. He placed those full bodied gargoyles intermittently around the low roof line of his house in the country. It was fun to look at them all. Nice post -- barbara

  7. Love your rendering of this cute guy Rita!

  8. It's interesting to play being tourist in your own place , you often see things that you did not see before .
    If one day you have time to visit Notre-Dame , you will need a loooooong stay in Paris to draw them all ! :o)
    Got your mail , will answer soon, I need time that I have not!
    Grosses bises et à bientôt !

  9. Hi Rita..I appreciate and love your suggestions..I have sara's latest in my cart.. the reviews are not outstanding..
    Mind you I have loved books and movies that the reviews were terrible;)

    But most of the reviews say the art is than usual..I have her other books and know how small she writes and "paints"..
    but is this book even smaller?
    Do you have it?

  10. You take the best advantage of seeing and absorbing where you live! xx


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