Monday, April 4, 2016

More Sketches from The Yellow Book...

...the one with the too thin pages...
Who knew that it would be so much fun to use. 
(though my next book will have heavier weight pages)
The yellow book accompanies me on my frequent library visits.
Quiet, calm, & with a view, 
the reference room of The Belfast Free Library 
is a great place to sketch.
Yesterday, while waiting for a Gordon Bok & Carol Rohl concert at the Camden Library,
I used the super fine Slicci pen instead of Durapoint.
With a lighter line, 
my colors had to do more of the defining than ink lines. 
Colored pencil is not ideal on these pages 
but they are way too thin for watercolor.
For you local folks, our 1st meeting at the library will be on Monday, April 11, 10-Noon. 
Free & open to the public, bring own materials! 
Free to stay in the library or wander around 
Beautiful Downtown Belfast!


  1. Even the sailboat:)I think the thing I love most about your work..if I had to pick movement.
    Movement in the jeans..the bag..the coastline♥

  2. A wonderful post with such inviting scenes! Love the reader with all the books!

  3. Such detail, even if you found the paper too thin. the pencil colours seemed to work well.

  4. Darn! I was hoping to come to the library but Betsey and I are going to Bangor fabric shopping. Hope everyone has as much fun as I know I would have had......


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