Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My 7th Grade Science Project

I just FINISHED & delivered (Yay!!) a project for an open art show with the theme of Art & Science. (2 of the sub-themes: "intense scrutiny of a subject" & "artistic interpretation of scientific investigation.") I paid tribute to my 7th Grade Science Project: A painted color wheel on canvas that you could spin to show that "the presence of all colors is white." Did my 7th grade wheel show that concept? Maybe not too much, but what it did show was how much I loved color & how scientific knowledge could expand my love. After all these years, I am still madly in love with color & color theory. 
The simple collage turned out to look like a child's work, which makes sense. It's part revisiting 7th grade, & part research to review what it is about color theory, especially in relation to painting, that is important to me today. I also loved thinking about the intersection of science & art & the differences. (If you are curious, you can click on the art above & maybe read some of my abbreviated thoughts on the subject...)
The initial notes were spontaneous & fun. But during the process of the finished work, there was literally some blood (cutting myself on the frame) & literally some tears, dealing with my personal stumbling blocks. The work is not a masterpiece, but the satisfaction in exploring & expressing my thoughts about a beloved subject, as well as persisting to the end in a process that was out of my comfort zone, THAT was wonderful.


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