Friday, April 22, 2016

Storyboard for French Homework: Le stylo plume

 Story-board, un Scénarimage, un Scénario-maquette
with 6 panels pasted onto an accordion fold book.

The writing assignment: To imagine shopping for an item, conversing in French with a shop person, using the comparative & superlative forms. Students "shopped" for things like L.L.Bean Boots, a birdhouse, &,  moi: 
For a fountain pen in Paris.
An American tourist greets the salesperson in a Parisian stationery shop with "Bonjour Madame," & she says she's searching for a good fountain pen. She explains that in the U.S. people don't write with fountain pens as much as they used to, & the U.S. doesn't have as many stationery stores as France does! 
The salesperson shows several pens & compares their attributes. Our tourist comments on the fact that her writing is better with a fountain pen than with a felt pen & it's the worst with a ballpoint pen. 
The vendeuse comments that with fountain pens one needs to use smooth papers of good quality.
The sales person invites the tourist to try some pens (without ink), to see how they feel. She also tells the tourist that she speaks French well. (Is she just flattering her? wonders the tourist, but she enjoys cinversing.) The salesperson asks the tourist where she's from. They chat...
After having purchased her new fountain pen the tourist departs & the two women exchange parting salutations. The salesperson tells the tourist to enjoy her new pen & to enjoy the rest of her stay in Paris.
The tourist does enjoy the rest of her stay, 
using her new pen to write & sketch her impressions of beautiful Paris, its landmarks, & its activity. 

(Click on on the drawings if you would like to read 
my flawed French.)


  1. First of all your French is great..and your writing is as unique as your art:) J'adore cette charmante histoire.
    Is it autobiographical?
    The gestures..smiles..:)

    So true that nibs and pens run much more smoothly on nice uniform soon as there is the slightest texture or water permeability..the strokes are off~and look bumby instead of smooth.
    What a cute story Rita.

  2. Love the storyboard, and the story and sketches are charming. Now you've got me wanting to buy a fountain pen (though I don't think I could manage it in French!).

  3. What a great picture of you with your shoulder bag and turquoise scarf!! Loved the drawings.

  4. what a sweet story, Rita! I'm so glad you are blogging again :)

  5. Rita -- Fountain pens -- such memories I have of them. My mother had a beautiful green one that an old boyfriend had given her when she was young. She let me use it at her desk if I was careful. Then one day I misplaced it and it was never found again. My mother was very forgiving of me but I felt bad about it for years.. I agree with you that fountain pens write much better than felt and ballpoint. Your post has brought forth an idea that I should find an old fountain pen at an antique store and tell myself that I had at last found my mother's pen. And then every time I use it I would remember her. Thank for the very nice post -- barbara

  6. Ooh, love that you've done this. Such joy and good cheer and lightness in all you do . . .


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