Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mount Desert Island: Early Spring

It's early Spring & I am spending more time outdoors on this beautiful Maine coast. We finally made it to
Mount Desert Island. View from the town park in Bar Harbor. 
The carriage paths and trails were closed due to being wet and soft, but the boat launch at the end of
Eagle Lake, across from Cadillac & the Bubbles, was open. 

 Yesterday I pulled out my old pre-digital photo prints of MDI. I have started sketching from these photos
as well as sketching on location. I'll never forget the first time I saw the wondrous arrangements of rocks on the trails of Acadia, called rock cairns. 


  1. I love making your art bigger to see all the details..Jill Butler..WP will be here Monday..le livre..

    You have beautiful landscapes to paint Rita:)

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  3. PS Rita..have you seen this man's art? Cairns? ETC..

  4. So beautiful--someday I want to visit. Better practice my sketching before then...

  5. Witam. Twoje szkice ze wspaniałego miejsca są po prostu śliczne. Pozdrawiam i ściskam.

  6. Dear Rita - your sketches are so wonderful. I have such a love for landscapes and it looks like you do too. Thank you for letting me have a peak at what inspires you. Hugs!

  7. Love the sketch from Eagle Lake, so loose and free; wish the other sketches on this page would load. I live and work on MDI and appreciate its beauty everyday.


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