Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Beth's Maine Coast Surface Design Class-2

Beth's Midsummer Surface Design Workshop.
I got to go for 2 days this time! 
(see previous posts.)
 I made a little book for Beth last year,
inspired by all of the wonderful design work
that I always see in her studio when I visit her.
Now, not just a visit, but an official class!
We made cover designs using plastic credit type cards
swooshing around paint on large sheets of paper.
 I also printed with the edges. 
On top of that I "pounced" and swirled circles
with a small round sponge gizmo.
Another student had discovered the swirling technique.
 Some of us "copied". 
I found myself cutting out circles,
& then began cutting them into spirals. 
It gave me a delicious bunch of small
snail-fiddlehead-brussel sprout-y creatures. 
I pasted them down & hung metallic thread.
How fun! The process was doing its own thing.
All I had to do was to let it!
We used our covers for coptic stitched journals.
I experimented on my top cover,
sort of ruining it (no photo of that!), 
so eventually I pasted a collage design over it. 
It's called Rita's Book of Progress & Imperfection
One of the biggest things that happened
at this workshop is that my perfectionism,
the crippling kind, began to be lifted. 
Beth models & teaches that: 
"You try things,
if something doesn't work, no problem. 
You just keep trying things, & having fun!"
 With a 1 1/2 " hole punch 
I've been continuing to punch circles
from my sheets of painted paper. 

These are on watercolored squares that I'd had made.
They remind me of one of those color theory exercises
that you see in books on painting.
I'd seen Beth's hand-dyed cloth beads several years ago,
& in fact she'd gifted me with some.
I finally got to make my own!!! Total joy!
Above, the cover of a small accordion book.
 Embellishing one of Beth's tags. 
I made the bead,
The rest was from 
her big box of printed papers & ribbons.
"Cloth Paper Scissors", there's a magazine by that name. 

I haven't found the magazine yet, but Marcella,
Beth's assistant shared some wonderful books. 

Austin Kleon in Steal Like an Artist says that
side projects 
inbetween work on your major project
are valuable. 
"Productive Procrastination".
"Just play. That's where the magic happens."

Now, I'm back working on my exhibit at the library.
I'll be showing sketches that were all done
"Not Far From Home" .
Which happens to be the name of the show.


  1. I had vicarious fun all over again just reading this post. Yes, fun was had by all!!!!!

  2. I adore everything about this! The texture, the dimension, the color. The letting it do its own thing. The finished results are terrific and I know I'll be seeing more of your work using the techniques you used in class. So impressed!

    And thanks for the visits and catch-up. You do leave the best comments and I know what it's like to fall behind on reading when you're swamped!

  3. How fun all these creations are..inspiring inspiring! And the COLORS!!♥

  4. I feel the need to play . . .
    To just let it out . . .
    To be . . .
    Inspring, once again . . .


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