Friday, July 27, 2018

Boxes: My Key to Organization

The workshop that keeps on giving,
That was Beth's. I continue to play.
I notice my ongoing fascination with squares.
Squares. BOXES. Order. Symmetry. 
Containment which allows for freedom & chaos.
Ohhhh. I get it!

I learned about creative surface design,
but I also learned about how to organize materials
because Beth had 
So So Many!  
(Click on Sew Sew Art , 
Beth's website.)
I've been learning that my creative spirit can't flow without 
organizing my materials!

 That generous Beth lent me her BOX of metallic threads.
Sparkly. Shimmery. Oooooh! Thank you, generous Beth!
The BOX for raw material for my August Art Show.
 The BOX for hand sewing & little papers,
for book covers, for little collages. 
For now it has to wait for me in its BOX 
because I need to be into the Art Show BOX.
 Another BOX of Bookmaking stuff. 
Beth's Beads. Waxed threads. Buttons!
A BOX of travel journals from France voyages.
Also waiting for me.
Rita's saved BOXES, 
thrown in a corner of the spare room.
You never know when you'll need another BOX!

I'm remembering one of the first magical 
BOXES in my life:
Jenny's Mom's BOX of old clothes in the basement,
put there so we could play Dress-Up 
when we were wee kids!!
Thank you Jenny's Mom! 

How do YOU organize your materials?


  1. Love this post. You make everything including throwing boxes in the corner look like fun!! SO glad you came to the workshop.

  2. I organize them badly! The watercolor stuff is pretty much all together, easy to find. Same for all the paint. The lino cut stuff is all together too Ribbons in sterlite clear boxes and labeled. Mixed media tear-up books all o the shelf. All the buttons and beads and small embellishments on a shelf. And LOTS of stuff hanging out the sides. It sounds much, much, much better than it looks.

    I really wish I could see your art show!

  3. I do boxes too . . .
    Sterlite mostly . . .
    I confiscated a large drawer in the kitchen island, (where I paint)
    and have papers, brushes, notes, ideas there!
    Wish I had a separate room . . .

  4. Oh Rita I am a box lover too. My problem is that I often forget what I had put in that box. Oh well - when the lid is removed - I am always pleasantly surprised :)!! Hugs friend. Have a great week.

  5. I love your boxes! I'm with commenter Jeanie--I organize mine badly, too. I have an armoire in my office where I stash all my art supplies...and promptly forget I have them. I really do better when I can see what I have. Boxes, if they are open or clear, might be a good solution.


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