Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Beth's Workshop: Things I Learned

At Beth's Workshop: (Previous post Here) 
I learned of a book: 
Expressive Drawing by Steven Aimone. 
Incorporating the freedom we had as children
with our developing adult ways of making marks
and drawing.
Beth's post about that workshop is Here.
And another post Right Here.

It really was "artistic life changing"!

I am challenged by, & I get satisfaction from 
gravitating to order & simplicity 
when confronted with many materials & possibilities.
My simple sketching practice 
with line & watercolor
was affirmed & enriched by playing in this different way.
The pages I made at Beth's (see link above)
 are now in an accordion book setting.
Ah, Order. Cohesion. Sequence, 
though I have much to learn about this.
About the principle called "Unity".
A play between unconscious impulses 
& conscious art principles & choices.
The more I study art, 
the more the conscious learning
becomes unconscious while I work.
(Does that make sense??)

I'm going back this weekend for 2 more days!

There is a spot open, if any of you want to join us!
Contact Beth using the links above to her site.


  1. Rita I just love your pages of mixed media with the fabric and buttons. This looks like a grand workshop. The Cloth And Scissors issue this month has a great article of using color swatches teamed with watercolor sketches. Such super creative endeavors to explore how can we become bored! 😊

  2. Ah!! Mind running free and playing with color!!

  3. I learn something each time I visit one of your posts.
    I am not always “in the know” of what I am learning but after a visit,
    something you have said, painted . . . bounces back into my reality . . ,
    And I absorb . . .
    Loved the quote about children in the first photo . . .
    It reminds of the joy I feel watching my great granddaughter with paint and pencil . . .
    She is in her freedom . . . runs around with her little pad of paper and pen . . .
    free as can be . . .

  4. These are so free and happy and filled with color and joy. I love them all very much and I can tell from the finished project what a wonderful workshop this was.

  5. I always love your pops of vivid colors..all the movement of your lines..Le tout.J'aime le tout:)

  6. Charming work...LOVE the buttons and fabric piece and the first sketch on this post!! Enjoy viewing your work,as always....look forward to results ofBeth's next workshop!!


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