Thursday, July 19, 2018

Black & White in the Have Sketchbook Will Travel

I've been carrying the 4 X 6 Have Sketchbook Will Travel
everywhere I go.
Enjoying very fast, good old fashioned 
black & white sketching.

The 3 below were made at The Farnsworth Art Museum.
Fast & unfinished, a sketch of a favorite painting
by NC Wyeth.
A visitor looking a a display of art books outside
the Museum Store.
 Two from the Grocery Store Line Series.
(see previous post.)
 Yesterday I was making some notes from 
books on cursive handwriting at my library.
I was glad that
my little book & pen were standing by.
A little still life at a friend's home where
we were listening to a violin concert.
I got myself a seat in the back row 
so that I could sketch without being noticed. 

Below: At the Friday Morning Farmer's Market. 
I go each week partly for the produce, yes.
But it is the music & the happy gathering of people 
that I absolutely love!
 This one should be in color as she was dressed all in 
red, white & blue plaids & had a bright
stars & stripes umbrella! 
 Très chic, leaning against the swingset 
while children were swinging.
 The Flower Guy sitting in the door of his truck
chatting with shoppers.
 One of the farm tents, Peacemeal Farm.

Love the outdoor music concerts
& love the Belfast Bay Fiddlers.
(there were actually 8 or 10 of them that day.)

Do you carry a little notebook or sketchbook with you?
Mine is the Pentallic with very white paper,
but there are so many mini's these days!
You never know when you might need it!


  1. Witam. Uwielbiam Twoje szkice i widzę, że robisz je w różnych sytuacjach gdy Ci się coś spodoba. Pozdrawiam i śle uściski.

  2. I had a good time at the Farmers Market vicariously through your sketches

  3. exceptionally chraming sketches..I can't for me to stit and try..what if someone came and looked lol? NOOOOOOO..

    I would love to sketch so freely w/ such personality..Funny..I can see them all w/ your colors in them too:)
    I have been painting these dog days of summer and loving every minute:)

  4. I love your b/w sketches. It's just not something I seem to do well and I really admire your freedom and ability to do so quickly and with such flair and style. I get bogged down in detail and I need to focus on not doing so as much when I paint. But all of these would be good in color too. That's what makes your work so interesting and fun.

  5. Sweet and charming sketches...amazed at your ability to capture what I need a camera for...Fun!!!

  6. I just love your sketches of people. So much personality in so few strokes of pen or pencil!


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