Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Sketch in the Park

Two weeks ago I sketched from a picnic table in our local bayside park. 
I worked fast because my hands were cold. I have let this sketch hang out on the art table for these 2 weeks. After an initial period of disatisfaction with it I have grown to appreciate it & the memory of that afternoon. 

A local artist recently told a group of students to never throw away their art, no matter how much it didn't meet expectations...Because you never know what a change of perspective will reveal.

I'm getting ready to go to the same spot in the park...
it will be interesting to see what the change in the season will reveal.


  1. i like the variety in the trees.

    (eurasian collared-doves were introduced from europe and are spreading rapidly. they supposedly force out other native dove species like the mourning doves, etc.)

  2. That can be said about so many things:) and people even!
    Personally my perspective loves this..

    Do you always make your own palettes?

  3. Good thought. I am quick to dump attempts in the trash. I always learn things here. Thank you Rita!

  4. I love this piece - there is a purity to it. And I like the advice about not throwing away art - that a change of perspective might alter perception.

  5. Not to throw away any pieces of art you've done, was the best piece of advice I was given at my very first art class. I'm glad I listened, as I now have something to compare my new art with.

  6. Glad you did not throw it away! It tells so well the beauty of autumn!

  7. Mimo iż za dwa tygodnie z pewnością będzie inaczej, nie trzeba tego ślicznego szkicu z kolorami jesieni wyrzucać :)

  8. I think this is lovely. I like the stages of tree life and your colors. The art teacher's advice is the same, I think, for writers. One never knows when something will come back to become an extended piece.


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