Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Messy Art Room

Barbara of the gorgeous & interesting blog, Folkways Notebook, wrote she'd like to see a bit of
The Messy Art Room that I'd mentioned. As I looked around today (tomorrow I re-organize!), it didn't seem there was anything that would be of interest to blog visitors. I don't collect tons of cool stuff as one artist I know does because I get overwhelmed by things. However, it was fun to stop & see what IS here.
Little piles of stuff all over, a favorite French Text, Bravo, a little rag under a bookmark with the Armenian alphabet, which was a gift from a dear friend.

The gulls are from a series I did after my post on gulls. 
The city with newspaper boats is a clipping, perhaps from the New Yorker.
Maybe tomorrow it will be in a file.
But I like leaving images out on tables so that I can randomly glance at them. 
But then, enough becomes enough & some distractions have to be put away.
 Boxes of my sketches & of the art of others.
Not the most organized, but mostly, these days, I can find what I need.
If anyone has any organizational tips, I'd love to hear them!
 Box of scrap watercolor paper for working small.
Some books about watercolor in French & English,
books on calligraphy & files of related articles, lessons & images.
 Big plastic palette sitting on top of a jar that I transplanted from the kitchen.

I used to work in the kitchen & dining room in my old house. So, I'm super loving this workspace,
The Messy Art Room. 


  1. It feels good to see a real art room:)
    I am flabbergasted at pristine photo worthy magazine worthy ateliers..
    This is real♥
    My favorite real life artists and blog artists have real ateliers:)

    Have a great weekend..

  2. you look pretty well organized, i'd say. i love those gulls!

  3. I am always intrigued by art rooms or work rooms be they writer's enclaves or carpenter's workrooms etc. To have a space to call one's own for their passion is the ultimate room in a home. Your room looks organized while full of good books and drawings. Thanks for posting the fun photos. -- barbara

  4. I like to see ateliers and creating spaces. How lucky you are to have such a place for yourself!
    I like this "fouillis" of papers , books, pencils, so colorful and warm.
    Just love your gulls!
    Have a nice week-end!

  5. Ah, my messy desk. I'll leave it till Monday then.

  6. I am very impressed with all of your drawings. How wonderful to have your own art space.

  7. How wonderful that you have a "Messy Art Room" of your own now!
    I apologize for writing "Messy Artist Room" in my comment above. Was not at all what I was thinking. ;-) xxx

  8. Messy work areas are so much more interesting than tidy ones!

  9. Love this! More, more, more of the creative 'mess' please. . . And I love what you say about leaving some images out to glance at . . . then eventually putting some away so less distraction . . . etc. Yes! Same way here. . . I'll try to do some similar posts on the creative mess here in my studio/office. xx


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