Friday, October 25, 2013

The Postman. Le facteur

I got my first penpal was when I was 12 years old. 
I got her name from a Penpal Machine at the World's Fair in New York.
I had wanted someone from France, but the machine 
randomly gave me a girl from New Zealand.
Nevertheless, it turned out to be great fun,
and having penpals continues to be great fun,
here on the blog, & by paper.   


  1. Chez nous aussi , les voitures de la poste sont jaunes. Ma première "correspondante" (=penpal) était allemande, et grâce à elle , je suis tombée amoureuse de l'Allemagne.J'aime toujours avoir des correspondant(e)s aujourd'hui, et grâce aux blogs, on peut nouer de nouvelles amitiés. C'est super! :o)
    Bises et bon week-end!

  2. that is a happy little drawing! so cute!

  3. Now that we have email, facebook, & blogs it's all too easy to use electronic methods to communicate. I love your yellow post van with the facteur bringing mail to you from your penpals. A lovely sketch.

  4. J'adore votre facteur..
    Such personality..and the French countryside with the villa:-)
    I agree it has such a busy happy motion to it.
    You could illustrate anything!

  5. Moi aussi, j'adore votre facteur . . . and I especially love mail from friends that includes hand-made sketches of lightness and beauty. xx

  6. What a great story and sketch. I too had a pen pal as a kid. I wanted a female from Italy and got a Male Italian who wanted an English guy. From England. He wanted to learn English. we corresponded for a long time. I still have the letters too.

  7. Rita -- Do you write snail mail or is it by email? I had a boy penpal when I was an adolescent. Sometimes I wonder what happened to him even though I no longer remember his last name -- he was from Wisc. and I was from Michigan. Your postman in his delivery truck is wonderful! -- barbara

  8. This blog is the closest I want to be to penpals.. I keep people at a distance, really. I don't know why.

  9. Glad to have you as a penpal, Rita! Your name in the return address always means something interesting will be in the envelope. xo


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