Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What if? More on Art Process

Trying out a new extra fine pen. Then, "What if I...? I asked as I added lines from a bolder pen, & more layers of color.  "What's to lose?" I said, remembering that even Degas tossed many drawings in the trash for every drawing he kept...(something like that...) I used to be so afraid of ruining everything, & therefore I was afraid of trying...
 The 1st is a direct on-location sketch a-top Mount Battie, the 2nd is a finished 4 X 6 image based on the 1st & an (accidentally) out of focus reference photo that I'd taken. This out of focus thing is a nice way to use a reference photo without trying to copy it.
Recently, making paper mail for friends. A fun mini-way to play! These are 4 X 6" or less. 

Challenge: WHAT IF....???? I start trying larger paintings? Eeeeeek!


  1. Rita -- your Eeeeek tells me that you find such a concept of larger paintings either a challenge or just not you. I'd try it just for fun to see what would be the result. Your paper-mail for friends make such personal notes for them. Do you reproduce them or are they single works of art? -- good post -- barbara

    1. Single works of art, Barbara & made with the person in mind. I haven't yet gotten into any sort of printing of my images, I so love original art myself...Thanks for your comment. Yes, Eeeeek! is often a response I have to something that pushes me into the unknown. Always something new to learn, no?

  2. still a wonderful technique/skill no matter what pen you use. :) and whatever size...

  3. Love your 'what if'' it took the whole thing to another level. Also reading your other posts, about you staying safe & always using 4x6 paper to sketch on, I thought it was only me who didn't dare to paint on large sheets of paper.

  4. I like them all..fine pen large pen..notes to friends etc..
    No EEKS here ..just AHHHS:)

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