Friday, October 4, 2013

More Autumn Country Drives

More autumn country drives...More 4 X 6's for sale...
I was so eager to photo this little drawing that one of the clouds is still wet.
And I didn't erase some pencil lines...
Still, this painting is a pleasant reminder of a recent drive I took with some old friends,
to see what we could see.

Watercolor teaches me patience...
but not always.


  1. Very nice, Rita! I especially like how you did the trees.

  2. I find this little cottage so lovely! I wish I was able to "catch" views this way..
    Glad to be back! :o)

  3. Love your little painting of the pretty cottage. Wish I could be more patient and capture the scenes you see.them.
    I think I need to realise 'less is more'

  4. It IS lovely..I spy the little wet cloud:)
    I agree with barbara.. you paint just enough.Less Is definitely more.

  5. I suppose you have a studio setup perhaps in your home? You appear to be a productive artist -- do you find your new area has reinvigorated your desire to create? nice watercolor on your post today. -- barbara

  6. I need to learn more patience, but watercoloring ain't gonna do it for me. I do enjoy watching Elenka do her watercolors. Is that patience.


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