Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gifts of the Chopstick

More from the chopstick, (sharpened with x-acto knife), about 8.5 X 7 inches

I started with the word "Dear" & the other words seemed to lay themselves down on their own...
As they did, a number of reflections & connections surfaced...Very peaceful...

Valerie Sjodin's wonderful blog shows her calligraphic art that is expressive of her spiritual journey. In part, her style influenced this little flow. She gives online workshops, such as "Lettering & Doodling". 
To see her blog, click here.

Also, there is a calligraphy training technique of checking your letter forms by coloring in spaces. 
I took lessons once. I never got too far, but I enjoyed the practice. 
(But we didn't use chopsticks.)

I wonder what gift the chopstick will bring next time?

( Chère Malyss, "Chopsticks" sont "des baguettes pour manger", selon des dictionnaires d'Internet.
C'est une partie des traditions asiatiques. )

(Ah hah! "Chopstick" is "baguette" in French &
  "baguette magique" is "magic wand" in English"!)


  1. that's really beautiful! it would make an awesome 'thinking of you' card!

  2. Rita -- Not only would it make a great card but it would be a great poster! -- barbara

  3. I am wondering how you get the finer lines with the chopsticks. . .I will have to try . . . and thanks for more links. . . xx

    1. Well, you sharpen it with an X-acto, & you can re-sharpen at any time. The wood absorbs the ink in an unpredictable way. At first it can be thiick, then wears down & you have to dip again. My ink happens to be old so it's not real fluid...again, the not being in total control thing adds to a nice process...

  4. This is great! I've tried a technique similar to this in my art journal, but with regular sharpies.

  5. I will try this one day as I am charmed by it..your calligraphy is like your art..
    Charming..engaging..and I always want to see more..
    Going to check le link🌠

  6. Woaw! You're writing with kinds of pieces of wood, like chinese people do ! OK.I Love what you're showing here , that's very inspiring !
    Bises et à bientôt !

  7. lovely in looks and message

  8. A few polish words:))) I'm working on my calligraphy too right now:) I have to try with chopstick, must be fun! Cheers

  9. This is really nice. I would like to take a lettering class, as I don't "like" my handwriting in my sketchbooks.

    Your chopstick experiements remind me of a class I took when we used pieces of balsa wood to draw with pen and ink. The results looked fine, but it was certainly time consuming!


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