Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Joy at the Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market in Portland is, of course, about 
buying & sellling homegrown plants, person to person.
But it's so much more...
Music!! The Resonant Rogues from South Carolina:
"Gypsy jazz & tradtional eastern European music... 
American folk... old-time, blues & vintage hot jazz." 
Be still my heart!
I, oldish person, & young, toddler person are mesmerized...
As is this pair.
High school boys, playing folky pop tunes, 
grandparent-generation tunes! 
Young, perhaps girlfriend-of-musician person, admiring, 
on her market wagon bench, while I admire all three.
Baby persons! Going to the Farmer's Market, a good start in life!
 Happy family persons with their happy baby carriage,
 loaded with plants to take home. Along with little guy's scooter. 
The healthy, beautiful energy from the local farm stands
 sends out & attracts joy!
Lucky was I to have been a part of it on Saturday morning!


  1. That looks like a wonderful farmers market. Always a good find.

  2. smiling all the way through. :)

  3. Me too smiling all the way through..Hate to borrow your line TexWisGirl:)
    Oh the happy faces.. beautiful faces..baby faces,,hair..Those curly pigtails..wow..and the dress of everyone..I just love colorful and different..prob because I am most often ..in white .beige..or black..
    I love the addition of music..

    Wish our market would think of that..such a great feature!
    I bet you painted something:)

  4. Great pics and it makes me miss my house that was a block away - alas. Good thing mid-coast is more wonderful in all!!

  5. Les plantes et les fleurs, la musique , les enfants , le soleil... La vie , quoi !

  6. love to attend farmers markets. the energy from the crowd and the personal touch of vendors working the crowd is so appealing to me. Your photo of the musicians is a extra nice touch of your market. Have not experienced music at a market but it would be a nice addition to markets. Nice post -- barbara

  7. I love farmer's markets--they're always so interesting. The plants and flowers looked wonderful, and I love the "girlfriend's" boots. Did you sketch as well as take pictures?


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