Saturday, June 28, 2014

Glazing Bands of Watercolor

Still playing, this time with "glazing".
Paint bands of color, let them dry.
Paint new bands of color, let them dry.
Paint newer bands of color, let them dry.
Keep going until it feels done.
(Not sure this one is.)

Sometimes let wet bands of color 
run into other wet bands of color.
Have your paper taped down to a board.
Paint holding the board with one hand & brush with the other,
tilting the board to let the paint roll around.
With each new layer, your colors become so vivid. 
And that makes it worth the wait!


  1. Something I will try for sure..
    Just picked up an Aqua Mini de Sennelier:-)
    Hope I ♥ it!

  2. I think I saw a sunset last evening that resembled this 'stack'.

  3. I love the colours so far, amazing

  4. This makes me want to paint. I think I'll get my art journal out tomorrow!

  5. I will try this! I wish you were doing it on a board next to me though.

  6. Very pretty--I like the fact that you're sharing your experiements. Too often I think "painting" means having a picture of something specific, not "just" playing with color or line or whatever to see what happens.


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